Perspectives across metabolic & obesity care – 1/8

Dear Friends, I am pleased to share with you this week’s installment of perspectives across metabolic & obesity care:

  • New England Journal of Medicine – a video perspective on pathophysiology, patient engagement, bariatric surgery and medications. The video snippets focus on GLP-1 medications, with commentary from expert physicians in the medical arena, though little from the lens of bariatric surgery. I also reviewed the author disclosures here which are multiple in nature.
  • A 60 Minutes dud – here is a read that references the Lesley Stahl 60 Minutes episode last week on weight loss. This article cites Novo Nordisk being a major advertiser on 60 Minutes, and the airtime provided to two physicians who consult to the same. The article challenges the role of genetics in obesity, which it states is hard to align with the increase in obesity rates from 13% to 42% over the past 50 years. And finally the author provides a toss-up on who is the bad actor – pharma for the pricing of GLP-1 agonists, or insurers for denying coverage.
  • Is specialty care the next frontier for telemedicine? A podcast from Oliver Wyman based upon cardiovascular care, from Heartbeat Health virtual-first cardiology services. In my opinion, there is alignment on how we may think about whole-person metabolic care, in a virtual-first manner.
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